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Priva Office Direct

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Priva Office Direct

Calculate, compare and report, however you like

The Priva Office Direct operating programme takes horticultural automation to a different level and operating your Priva process computer is like child’s play. A well-organised and intuitive graphical interface makes for ease of use and operational clarity, which means a seamless step up to more efficient business operations.

Advanced horticultural automation

Priva Office Direct can be set entirely according to your preferences and company situation. In addition to being able to monitor your processes, the programme enables you to adjust your processes as necessary, including the option to enter manual notes. For example, if an alarm screen is displayed, it may also display your own notes made for a previous, similar error.

You can adjust the greenhouse temperature from the graph in Office Direct by making a simple mouse movement to the desired temperature curve? The settings of all preferred ventilation and heating controls are automatically adjusted. Priva Office Direct helps to save you time, saves your changes and reduces the risk of errors.

Information in a way that suits you

Whatever you cultivate and whatever stage your crops are in, you can always find and influence the information that you need using Priva Office Direct. The Priva Office Direct dashboards allow you to display the processes schematically in different ways; thus providing you with more straightforward overviews of and insights into your business processes. This means that you can choose which screens to combine and how these are displayed, and so allow yourself to compare measurements with settings and calculations, easily and at a glance. Priva or your Dealer can tailor this dashboard to your own personal preferences.

With Priva Office Direct, exporting and e-mailing data is as easy as it gets, and a range of reports can also be prepared concerning crops, seasons, climate, energy consumption, growing lights, production, locations etc.

In short, Priva Office Direct has undergone significant expansion to offer even more possibilities. You will always have exactly the information that your require for your company and crops, wherever you are.

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